Creating outrageously satisfied customers

I recently went on vacation to Mexico to recharge my batteries. I was doing pretty well forgetting about work, since I left my phone and computer at home, until I went to eat dinner at this tiny local restaurant and my marketing antenna got peaked. On first glance this restaurant business was what one would qualify as a “hole-in-wall”. Even the taxi driver asked me if we were sure we wanted to be dropped off there, but since it came highly recommended by AAA we decided to give it a try. The first brilliant marketing thing that happened was that the AAA site said to “ask for Felipe” who ended up being the owner. So now I’m sitting at this plastic outdoor table having a delightful conversation with the owner, Felipe, who is now giving me his “best deal”. My husband and I winked at each other wondering what we had gotten ourselves into and decided to go with the flow and order “the deal”.

Wow, we were glad we got “the deal” and now we had made a new friend “Felipe” who had not only gave us a great recommendation and fabulous food, but also made the evening so much fun as he personally made sure we were having a good time. We even got our pictures taken with Felipe and he asked us to email them to him so he could post them on his wall. And then it hit me…this is brilliant strategy. He will now have my email/contact info and I gladly will give it to him. He had me… an outrageously satisfied customer and the only effort on his behalf besides doing his job was to ask… can you email that to me?

Here’s how he created an outrageously satisfied customer:

The restaurant gave me:

1. Great Service. Personalized service with an unexpectedly fun experience

2. Outstanding product. off-the-hook delicious food at a very reasonable price

3. Freebies. Free drinks (or at least the perception they were free)

4. Trust. A reason to trust with the recommendation of “the deal”

5. Consistency. We returned for lunch two days later and again we got great service, unbelievably delicious food upon the owners recommendation and more freebies all for a reasonable price.

In return I willingly gave him:

1. Recommendations. I personally called six friends visiting the area and told them to give his restaurant a try. He also told me to give them his name and he would make sure they got “the deal”.

2. Contact info. My email address with my picture to prove I had a great time (now he can keep in touch with me)

3. My loyalty. (I went back to eat there and will go back again)

4. My ideas. I love small businesses and I want to help this restaurant owner be successful and stay in business. I will recommend that he take things one step further and create an email coupon that says “ask for Felipe” to anyone who emails him a picture. Another idea is to have a webpage where people can view all the photos with Felipe maybe even upload their photo with an automatic coupon response. That may be too complicated for Felipe’s simple marketing strategy, but what a fun way to connect with your customer by remembering a fun positive experience.

By personally putting out the welcome mat this restaurant was marketing their business efficiently and effectively for little out of pocket cost. He stuck to what he does best… having fun and providing delicious food… two things any traveler would love experience.

Now ask yourself “How can you create an outrageously satisfied customer?” How can your business create a simple experience to be remembered and talked about? How can your business and your customers connect after the sale in a fun way? You might have some fun yourself in the process.


Questions to ask about your business:

Are you giving your customers what they expect?

Have you made a list of the biggest complaints against your industry and created the opposite experience?

Are you promoting your strengths?

Do you know the core functions of your business that generate the most money?

Is your business and employees projecting a positive attitude? 


What ideas do you have to create outrageously satisfied customers?