What clothing is your business wearing?

Visual branding is the unique language that your company speaks; mostly without words. When successful with branding a customer can spot your business a mile away. I meet with many overwhelmed business owners who are working hard to make a clear marketing message, yet they are frustrated after long expensive efforts and little return. They end up with a message that is lost in a sea of multiple directions and ideas. Let’s look at some ways to review your company’s visual branding.

Branding is everything your business says or does. What is your business saying? Spread out all the information your customer sees (print, advertising, website, social media, email) in one place. Is your visual and verbal message…

  1. Clear - Is your message simple? Can a customer see quickly what your company does and the services it provides?
  2. Simple - Is it easy to do business with you? How does your customer connect with your product or service?
  3. Consistent - Is your main info on everything? Logo, website, phone, etc. Does all your marketing look like it came from the same place?
  4. Motivational - Does your message get people excited about your product? Do you have a call to action?

If you answered “yes” then you are off to a good start. If you have some "no's" (most businesses do) make a list and start filling in the holes.

Here is an example of a company starting out using an online template for their business card and the results of their new branding.

Your company's visual image is everything. Dress it well!